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A lot of pro-choice supporters think they are pro-woman.  This is a misconception.  The truth is that an abortion causes more hurt, regret, shame than any pregnancy would have caused.

Clearly I have been on the other side of this choice and have experienced all of these emotions.  I have not been alone.  I see other women who show up to our Surrendering the Secret bible study and I watch the transformation.  We go through the weeks and share our secret.  We face the truth.  We deal with our anger.  We experience and extend our forgiveness.  We are climbing the mountain.

Then suddenly it happens.

They arrive after the lesson on forgiveness and you can see the burden has started to lift.  The have a smile that reaches their eyes and they seem to breath easier, unafraid.

I am amazed every time.  I know its going to happen.  I know we are working toward this change.  But I’m blessed that can I witness this over and over.  I am in awe of the power God has in our lives and how he leads us and ultimately shows us himself.