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surrender part four

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surrender part three

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It has been really healing to watch these videos and hear other women’s stories of being post abortive.  I have especially been relating to one of the women who also did not have any children.  When she speaks, I hear parts of my story.  When people ask if she has any children, I see her uncomfortableness.  When I look at her, I see me.

I have not met many women that do not have children (after having an abortion), some are younger and don’t because they are not married yet they hope to.  But rarely do I see a women that is my age or older that does not have any children.

exchanging the lie for truth

I came across this yesterday.  It is going to be a video series that tells the stories of five women as they go through post-abortion recovery.  This won’t start until January 2013, but here is a short promo.

For those of us who are post abortive, it is a good way to relate to other women without actually exposing yourself.  When we listen to other people tell their story and it sounds similar to ours we can begin to realize we are not crazy.  The truth can conquer all the lies we have told ourselves.