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share the journey

At the end of our study our challenge to these women is to share their story.

At the beginning of the journey this would seem overwhelming and impossible.  But at this stage of the journey after they have gone through the fire and have not even the scent of smoke on them.  They are compelled and desire to share the hope and restoration they found.

I think that is why I do this.  I have a deep desire to share with others, let them know they are not alone.  We are out here and we have been where you are and have done what you did.  We are healed and restored.  There is hope.

I also think its important to talk about this subject because some don’t realize the holocaust that is happening right under our noses.  Each of our stories and how we got to this point are different.  But we are the same in our heartache and shame.  It’s not all about the child.  It’s about the men and women too.  They are left broken and incomplete with this choice that society said was easy and simple.  But it wasn’t.  It broke its promise to me and to a lot of others.