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what if

The tag line in the movie October Baby is: Every Life Is Beautiful.  I really believe that.  We are all unique, gifted, and special.  We each have something to bring to the table, some sort of talent we have been blessed with to contribute society.  I think of us as individual puzzle pieces that when we work together and fill in the empty spaces, we form a beautiful picture.

Some choose to ignore these gifts, others find them and hold them close out of fear.  But others have used their gifts and shared them with us.  Singers, writers, scientists, explorers, athletes, actors, and the list goes on.

I can’t help but to think of the 50,000,000 lives that have been destroyed since 1973.  Would one of them have cured cancer?  What have we missed out on?  Where would they have fit into the puzzle?  How would we be a different nation?

Today I wandered into…what if.  What would my life be like if I had my child?    My sister blessed me with two nieces and a nephew.  She and her children are treasures to me.  My sister has told me how there is a hole in her heart, a place my child should have filled.  How many others have similar empty spaces?

In the end I can’t change anything.  I can’t go back.  But from time to time I like to visit the land of what if and maybe dream a little.  I linger in hopes that I can catch a glimpse of Rebekah and what might have been.  A brief moment to fill my own empty space.

Every Life Is Beautiful!