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east to west

When I am drowning in my sorrows and filled with the muck that ones life can bring I am reminded about the forgiveness in which I believe in.  This morning this song came on and I love the words and the meaning.  You can go east forever without going west and west forever without going east.  THAT is how far my sins, shortcomings, regret, pain, guilt, shame, and everything else has been cast from me.

Psalm 103:12  As far as the east is from the west, so far has he removed our transgressions from us.

abortion cruise ships

My great grandparents immigrated from the Netherlands in the 1940’s to provide a better life for their children.  My grandfather was a great story teller.  I hold tight to the stories he would tell me about the old country and WWII.

It saddened me this week to find out that there is an organization founded in the Netherlands that sails around to different countries and provide abortions to women where it is illegal in their country.  They keep the ship in international waters (12 miles off the shore) where the local laws do not apply.

I don’t think my grandfather would be proud.

I know they think they are doing the right thing by providing “safe” abortions.  A lot of these women have been raped and tried to rid themselves of the baby by using sharp objects and other dangerous means.

There really is no such things as a safe abortion.  You might solve the initial problem, but you create a bigger problem.  On their website they have “Abortion Myths”…

People who are against free choice create many myths about abortion which have never been proven. 

Psychological problems: for most women the decision to have an abortion is difficult and may provoke feelings of sadness or guilt. Still, most women also feel relieved afterward. There is no evidence of increased risk of long term ‘post-abortion’ stress, depression or anxiety, or any other psychological illness.

There is a lot of truth to feeling relieved afterward.  Though I beg to differ that there is MORE evidence that there is such a thing as Post-Abortion stress than not.  There needs to be more truth out there about what an abortion does to you.  Instead they say you are not supposed to feel this way and have washed their hands of you.  I am confused why they can’t validate our feelings that we did have an abortion and it was a mistake.

It is probable that you are going to feel relief initially.  But a lot of you are also going to feel a sting deep in your soul.  You might not even recognize it at first.  It might take time.  But it comes out in your actions, your thoughts, your emotions, your words.  I know because it did to me.  It took me ten years to finally look back and see the trail of destruction abortion left behind.

But there is always Hope.  Don’t give up.  Rise above those feelings and seek help and healing.  There are many groups out there that can help you.  There are many out there like us and it feels good to fellowship with other women who are feeling the same way.

You can find restoration and redemption.  I did.

truth of the week

Well it’s time for Truth of the Week.  I feel like I need a super hero voice that echoes when I say that.  🙂

Today I wanted to touch of Post Abortion Stress Syndrome.  I know it seems like we put a name on everything.  But from my own experience these symptoms are real.

Not everyone who has had an abortion has any or all of these symptoms.  Some show up right away, some bleed into our life slowly as I have experienced.  And since it is my blog and I am putting myself out there…I thought I would take the risk and put the symptoms I had in bold.

When the reactions and feelings in the first 3 months following an abortion are severe, causing such problems as:

  • Self-harm, strong suicidal thoughts or suicide attempts
  • Increase in dangerous and/or unhealthy activities (alcohol/drug abuse, anorexia/bulimia, compulsive over-eating, cutting, casual and indifferent sex and other inappropriate risk-taking behaviors)
  • Depression that is stronger than just ‘a little sadness or the blues’
  • Inability to perform normal self-care activities
  • Inability to function normally in her job or in school
  • Inability to take care of or relate to her existing children or function normally in her other relationships (i.e. with a spouse, partner, other family member or friends)
  • A desire to immediately get pregnant and ‘replace’ the baby that was aborted, even when all the circumstances that led her to ‘choose abortion’ the first time are still in place.

PASS problems could include short and/or long term problems with:

  • emotions, and dealing with emotional issues
  • struggles with depression
  • continued suicidal thoughts or attempts
  • anxiety and panic disorder
  • addictions of all kinds
  • difficulty sleeping and sleeping problems
  • disturbing dreams and/or nightmares
  • problems with phobias, or increase in severity of existing phobias
  • eating disorders
  • “replacement baby” syndrome
  • repeated unplanned pregnancies with additional abortions
  • repeated unplanned pregnancies carried to term
  • “atonement marriage”, where the woman marries the partner from the abortion, to help justify the abortion
  • trouble with relationships and dealing with partners
  • distress at the sight of other pregnant women, other people’s babies and children
  • inability to deal with or socialize with other pregnant women, other people’s babies and children
  • codependence and inability to make decisions easily
  • problems with severe and disproportionate anger
  • work and school problems (unable to function normally)
  • problems bonding with and caring for existing children or new babies
  • distress and problems with later pregnancy
  • added emotional issues and problems when dealing with future infertility or other physical complications resulting from the abortion.
  • unhealthy obsession with excelling at work or school, to justify the abortion