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photoJeremiah 6:14  “They have healed the brokenness of my people superficially saying peace, peace but there is  no peace.”

This verse is in our Surrendering the Secret bible study.  I have facilitated this study about 7 times.  I have read the same words over and over.  Yet I was struck this time around by the truth of this verse.

After the abortion they put a bandaid on us and sent us back out.

We are not the same women that walked through the door looking for a solution.  We are different.  Hemorrhaging inside.

Peace they told us.  It’s just a blob of tissue they said.

But there was no peace.

peace of release

From the moment I step out of the car and walk toward the garden, I feel the emotion welling up within me.  It’s a peaceful place, but more than that it’s a place where I am able to give recognition and honor to the child I lost.

This weekend we brought another group to this place for the final leg of our journey.  The memorial service.  At this point we have already acknowledge our loss and have exchanged the things we thought about ourselves and replaced them with who God says we are.  So now we are ready  to place our child in the arms of God.

We read letters we wrote to our children.  Things we wish we could have said or done if they were here.  We say we are sorry and wished we would have made a different choice.  But because we have to move on, we have to say goodbye.  Saying goodbye is hard, but the peace we feel afterward is so much better than the darkness we lived in.