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multiple abortions

I was thinking the other day and it struck me.  I don’t think I have written about women who have had multiple abortions.

From some of the groups I have led, there have been plenty of women that have had multiple abortions.  I have seen the shame and heartache on their faces.  I have heard the despair in their voices when they tell us that they were only going to admit to the one abortion and keep the 2nd or 3rd a secret.  They tell me that they feel lower than a woman who has had only one abortion.

This is simply not true!

Luckily one of our leaders has had multiple abortions and also a lady on the video  we watch shares her experience and that allows these women to open up and speak about it.  It is part of them and their story and as equally important in their healing.

There is hope and forgiveness.  It is the same for you as it was for me.  I speak about my experience that happens to only include one abortion.  It is a miracle that is all I had.  I was by no means responsible and could have easily put myself in a situation where I would have to make that choice again.

We might look different, but we are the same.


Surrendering the Secret is one of the great studies out there to help you heal from an abortion.

As a facilitator of this study, what I like the most are the video sessions.  In these video sessions you meet more women that are like you and me.  Bringing more women into the study reinforces that you are not alone.  I also like that the women are from all different walks of life, and had their abortions for different reasons and at different times.  There are also women that can relate to those that have had multiple abortions.

When it comes to multiple abortions, women think they are the worst of the worst.  Women actually think that mentioning one is ok, but that second or third…well, they don’t want to be that women.  I like that this helps these women realize that there are more women like them.

I like to shatter these lies that we tell ourselves.  This study was one of the tools that helped me do just that.