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pretend i am a tree

I was doing some research for my novel and came across this picture on pinterest of all places.  There was quite a few abortion survivor stories on there too, but this struck me this morning.

A lot of the same people that fight for a woman’s right to choose, also fight to save trees or whales.  I think we should fight for these, but shouldn’t we be consistent?  Shouldn’t we add unborn human life to the list of things to fight for?  Shouldn’t we fight for the woman who is hurt because of the decision we told her would be ok, that things would go back to normal?


life slipped through my fingers

As I lay awake the other night these words in my title came to me.  It reminded me how tightly we hold on to life, but still it slips through our fingers.

Life is a beautiful gift.

I looked back to when I was a teenager and how much I wanted to be done, gone, dead.  I thought THEN people would miss me, THEN they would love me.  I didn’t realize how precious life is.  How my worth should not be found in how others view/treat me.  This week made me realize how important it is to really LOVE.  Not just say it, but do it.  (James 1:22)

A lot of important choices are made in the darkest hours of our lives.    It is what we do with the consequences of these decisions that allow us to grow.  My choice to abort left me with a deep loss in my soul.  I experienced morning sickness, the brief elation of having a child growing in me, the possible hopes and dreams.  But at the end, my hands remained empty and a part of me died that day.

Life slipped through my fingers.

But I am teachable.  As I have said this is not the end of my story, only a part of it. Real life is in all these moments that we store up and treasure and in the people we take time to get to know and love.  Real life is what we do with those choices or circumstances that break us.