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img_8447Welcome to Rebekah’s Hope.  I started this blog as my healing journey through my past abortion (nearly 25 years ago).  While I will always deal with the consequences of that day, God has truly used my experience for His glory.

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put it on a billboard!

We (Garden of Hope) are currently in a billboard campaign in our city.  We want to reach out to the women (and men) who are suffering from having one or multiple abortions.  We want them to know we are out there.  We know.  We care.

No Judgement
No Condemnation

Just Compassion
Just Love
Just Comfort
Just Healing
Just Hope

more than just a child

I am privileged to work with a ministry that cares beyond the “choice”.   We understand that at the center of this there is a mother, father, and a child.  It’s more about after they have made their choice, what can we do to help them in their next step.

If she aborts we shower her with compassion, invite her to our healing groups.
If she chooses life and the circumstances are bleak we throw a shower for her.
If she needs a place to live because her family will not have her.  We have that too.  There really isn’t anything we wouldn’t do to help.

It is an honor to serve with such wonderful men and women who instead of shaming me for my choices have lavished love on me.


life slipped through my fingers

As I lay awake the other night these words in my title came to me.  It reminded me how tightly we hold on to life, but still it slips through our fingers.

Life is a beautiful gift.

I looked back to when I was a teenager and how much I wanted to be done, gone, dead.  I thought THEN people would miss me, THEN they would love me.  I didn’t realize how precious life is.  How my worth should not be found in how others view/treat me.  This week made me realize how important it is to really LOVE.  Not just say it, but do it.  (James 1:22)

A lot of important choices are made in the darkest hours of our lives.    It is what we do with the consequences of these decisions that allow us to grow.  My choice to abort left me with a deep loss in my soul.  I experienced morning sickness, the brief elation of having a child growing in me, the possible hopes and dreams.  But at the end, my hands remained empty and a part of me died that day.

Life slipped through my fingers.

But I am teachable.  As I have said this is not the end of my story, only a part of it. Real life is in all these moments that we store up and treasure and in the people we take time to get to know and love.  Real life is what we do with those choices or circumstances that break us.

peace of release

From the moment I step out of the car and walk toward the garden, I feel the emotion welling up within me.  It’s a peaceful place, but more than that it’s a place where I am able to give recognition and honor to the child I lost.

This weekend we brought another group to this place for the final leg of our journey.  The memorial service.  At this point we have already acknowledge our loss and have exchanged the things we thought about ourselves and replaced them with who God says we are.  So now we are ready  to place our child in the arms of God.

We read letters we wrote to our children.  Things we wish we could have said or done if they were here.  We say we are sorry and wished we would have made a different choice.  But because we have to move on, we have to say goodbye.  Saying goodbye is hard, but the peace we feel afterward is so much better than the darkness we lived in.

beginnings new and otherwise…

My abortion was nearly 20 years ago and it wasn’t until 10 years ago that I realized I needed healing from it.  I am deeply passionate about reaching out to other women that have been hurt by abortion.  As a society we cry out “it’s a woman’s choice”.  But once she makes that choice no one wants to talk about it and it becomes a secret.  We are a part of this club that is held to secrecy.  So most of us sit in silence and hide our pain.  I want to break that silence.  I want to reach out to anyone that has been hurt from abortion and at the very least share my story and my heart.