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another review

I can’t really say enough about this movie.  I went last night to opening night to see it a second time.  It was moving and powerful in so many ways.

One scene that always gets me is the love the father has for his daughter.  While the daughter is feeling alone, confused, and unwanted…yet the father makes every attempt to show his daughter how much he loves her, wants to protect her, that he would do anything for her, and finally that he wanted her.  This is something I missed.

There is another scene that always gets me, but I really don’t want to give anything away.  It’s toward the end with the birth mother who made the choice to abort her child that resulted in the failed abortion.  It is the grief, the desire for forgiveness, the righting of the wrong that this scene drives a powerful punch right into my heart (in a good way).  It also helps knowing the back story of the actor Shari Rigby that really brings authenticity to this scene.

If you haven’t, visit their website and go see this movie…



abortion = murder?

What gives us the right to say when an unborn fetus is actually a person?  More importantly what do you do when you are the one that aborted this fetus or blob of tissue and you can’t help but to think about it as the child you murdered?

There are those that want to write legislature that tells me its ok to have an abortion that the thing that was inside of me is just a blob of tissues because I am young, single, in an abusive relationship, unhappy, unsure of myself.  But if I was happily married, in love, wanting to fill my arm with a big bundle of joy then it would eventually turn out to be a child.  Huh?

What about abortion survivors?  Can you tell them they were not a person?

It’s easy to stand back from the 20,000 ft view and say, yep that is nothing but some cells, it has no brain, it can’t feel pain etc.  So lets get scientific:

You have to be at least 8-9 weeks pregnant to have an abortion.  So for the sake of argument lets say 65 days.  At 19 days the heart begins to beat.  At 42 days brain waves are detectable.  At 49 days the skeletal system is developed complete with fingers, toes, and ears.  At 56 days all organs are functioning.  How many people walking around you have these same qualities?

Lets get personal.

How can you tell me that when I had my abortion that it was nothing but a blob of tissue?  How can you tell me it wasn’t a child?  How do you think writing it down on a piece of paper somehow makes reality go away?  Because I feel the loss deep in my soul.  I know what I did cost the life of my child and probably future children because of the choices I made there after.  I was on the road to destruction not because I was happy about my decision, but because I was changed from my decision.

Guess what.  I’m not the only one.  Shocking.  43% of all women will have had at least one abortion by the time they are 45.  I am not saying all women end up feeling the way I do.  But I will say knowing as many post abortive women as I do that there is a lot of us out there that feel the loss of our CHILD.  We know what we did and we know we murdered our children and did so legally.  So they can put their fancy words on bills and they can make their laws that make it ok to do this.  But those of us who have made our choice know the truth.