be brave, embrace your journey


Maybe it’s part of getting older, or just seeing my nieces and nephew reach certain milestones (like high school!).  How does that happen so fast?  I’m sure it was yesterday that I was holding the oldest in my arms and laughing with her, but fifteen years blink away.  

Whatever it is, I have started thinking more about slowing down and embracing the journey.  Eating up every detail as much as I can.  Keeping the phone and social media at arms length, only reaching for it when I absolutely need to.  Of course, often reminding myself to do just that!

It’s a nice lull that I have been craving.  I take each day as it comes, careful not to hope for the day in the future when it’s summer and warm, but enjoying today, even if it’s cold, because I am alive.  Each day has its own type of beauty even when it seems dark and bleak.  There is always some thing I can be grateful for.  A bed to sleep in, socks for my feet, breath.

I have been reading more slowly, sitting in silence, listening, and writing with paper and pencil.  It is challenging keep the tendrils of my old self from weaving back in and suffocating the new growth I have built.

But moving forward, I want to do my best for the rest of my days, to be intentional at embracing life.

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