when i was post abortive


The most incredible thing happened to me this week.  I was in a meeting and explaining my road from being a sidewalk counselor to developing a heart and compassion for the post abortive woman.

I said, “when I was post abortive.”

Those words just came out of my mouth and it took a bit before my mind caught up to them.

Obviously, I am still post abortive, but the implications…

Does this mean that I am no longer choosing it to define me?  Am I no longer bound by its ugly ties.  Is it possible that I am experiencing another aspect of freedom from it?

I like thinking I’m no longer post abortive.  There is more to me than that dark day.  The dark cloud looming overhead no longer defines me, but who I am in Christ gives me HOPE and a FUTURE free from this terrible choice I made.


10 responses to “when i was post abortive

  1. This is redemption! Such a great and inspiring post!

  2. What a wonderful post! =)

  3. YUP!!! This is by far my favorite blog 🙂

  4. Martha Holmgren

    Beautiful picture of you. Reflects your heart.

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