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when i was post abortive


The most incredible thing happened to me this week.  I was in a meeting and explaining my road from being a sidewalk counselor to developing a heart and compassion for the post abortive woman.

I said, “when I was post abortive.”

Those words just came out of my mouth and it took a bit before my mind caught up to them.

Obviously, I am still post abortive, but the implications…

Does this mean that I am no longer choosing it to define me?  Am I no longer bound by its ugly ties.  Is it possible that I am experiencing another aspect of freedom from it?

I like thinking I’m no longer post abortive.  There is more to me than that dark day.  The dark cloud looming overhead no longer defines me, but who I am in Christ gives me HOPE and a FUTURE free from this terrible choice I made.


surrender part one

Back in November I shared a post with you about five women that will be walking through Surrendering The Secret healing group.

For those of you who have had an abortion and feel alone.  Watch this.  There are more of us out there.  This is an interesting look into the study and you don’t have to leave your home or comfort zone.

You are not alone.

conception to birth

This is an amazing video by medical image maker, Alexander Tsiaras.

Take the abortion argument out of it.  It is breathtaking watching how each of us were made.

but their heart will never beat

Haunting words from a song this morning.  Just kinda hit me today…

a reason for life…but their heart will never beat

Oh what have we lost because we chose, we’ll never know
And all our claims to freedom have become these heavy chains
And in the name of rights we keep filling nameless graves

Let the tears fall down…Let them soften this ground…Let our hearts be found…

God forgive us now


pretend i am a tree

I was doing some research for my novel and came across this picture on pinterest of all places.  There was quite a few abortion survivor stories on there too, but this struck me this morning.

A lot of the same people that fight for a woman’s right to choose, also fight to save trees or whales.  I think we should fight for these, but shouldn’t we be consistent?  Shouldn’t we add unborn human life to the list of things to fight for?  Shouldn’t we fight for the woman who is hurt because of the decision we told her would be ok, that things would go back to normal?



This inspired me.  There has always a deep rhythm in my heart that whispers “write” over and over again keeping time with my faint pulse.  Sometimes it feels like I will fade away if I don’t write.  The blood coursing through my veins needs this creative power to flow.

Finally I have been consistent over the past few months and  I am doing my life purpose.

I write to feel and create.  I write to dive deeper into my soul and I write because if I don’t death will surely come.

a new dawn


It’s a new year, a new dawn.  I am surprised and a little pleased with myself that I actually spent a whole year faithful (pretty much) blogging.

I am also thankful for all of you that have written, commented, listened, and debated with me.  Abortion is one of those topics that’s hard to discuss without making someone angry or hurt.  It’s also hard to put yourself out there, but it has been worth it.  I tried to use my experience to portray what abortion has done to me.  The bigger picture that is sometimes missed with politics and misconceptions.

I’m not sure what this year will bring, but it feels full of possibilities.