life is beautiful at any age

I went to see my grandma this week. It is hard to see her because the person we remember is fading from us. This time was especially hard because it was the first time she didn’t recognize me.

I am reminded that EVERY life is beautiful. I know it’s hard to watch what she is going through.  But despite this, I believe there are life lessons to be learned. Some may say it would be easier to put her to death…out of her misery.  But who says she is miserable.  She seemed somewhat content with her thoughts and surroundings.  We have an idea in our head what makes up a real life and we look at others who may have less and we wonder why were they ever born…they can’t do this or that.

Each of us is important.  Each of us has a purpose for our lives no matter how short or long we live.  No matter what imperfections we face.  We were all meant for greatness.

She is still teaching me something. How important it is to be faithful. To live in the moments we are given. To be present with those we love. Life is fleeting.  Those of us who still have breath should choose to live!


2 responses to “life is beautiful at any age

  1. Oh I so know that first time that they don’t recognize you, it’s so hard (even more so when it’s your mom) and then you look in their eyes and you can almost see they know who you are but just can’t quite get that part of their brain to function correctly. I agree most are very happy right where they are, they know no difference, they don’t know anything is wrong, love them where they are for as long as you can! My mom taught me something up until they carried her empty shell out on the stretcher and even in that she taught me “this isn’t me, it’s the shell I used for 84 years” thanks for sharing Michelle! Love you so!!

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